Summer at Allard

L'été chez Allard


Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, the restaurant Allard is open all summer.
The Chef Fanny Herpin has imagined traditional & seasonal dishes that remind us the cuisine of our childhood in their simplicity & generosity.

On the menu in July, seasonal products such as tomatoes & peach. For the dessert, try out a delicious Cherry clafoutis, a reminder of warm summer family dinners.


Heritage tomato salad, goat curd – 18 €

Marinated sea bream with lemon, crunchy vegetables - 22 €

Cherry clafoutis – 12 €


Open in August for dinner only.

41 rue Saint-André des Arts
1 rue de l'Éperon
75006 – Paris

est un vin rond, fin et frais dont le nez s’exprime sur des notes de framboise et de fleurs

From € 12