The restaurants

How to book a table ?

When you are on the restaurant page of your choice, booking is very simple.
Click on the "Reservation" button and you will be redirected to the online booking engine. Select your choice of dates, check the availability of the restaurant, specify the number of people and enter your details. If your schedule matches that of the restaurant, you will receive an email confirmation a few minutes later, where you will be given the details of the restaurant.

How to change a reservation?

We invite you to call the restaurant where you made the reservation.

How to cancel a reservation ?

We recommend you to call the restaurant where you made the reservation in order
to cancel it. In the confirmation email you received before, you will find the restaurant details

Is the reservation mandatory ?

We strongly recommend you book so we can offer you our best service.

Can I choose my table ?

No, tables from our restaurants are allocated in order of booking. However depending on your reservation date and how full the restaurant is, we will do our best to satisfy any requests.

I wish to make a reservation or organise a group meal, how do I do?

We invite you to go in the category "Groups / Businesses" of the restaurant of your choice and contact the sales manager.

I want to take a meal in a very short time.

Your time is precious, we respect that - let us know when you arrive at the restaurant.

Are your menus available in other languages?

Our restaurants offer a choice of menus in French and English.

How can I pay?

All our restaurants accept almost all credit cards, for more information, we recommend you to call the restaurant in which you want to have a lunch or a dinner.

I have a food allergy and I wish to reserve a table. When do I let the restaurant know?

It is important to give this information at the time of booking. That way we can tell the teams in the kitchen and they can provide suitable dishes.

Do you accept pets?

No, for reasons of hygiene, our pets are not allowed in our restaurants, regardless of their size.


How to book a stay?

We invite you to go in the category of the inn you have chosen, a "Reservation" button is available in the same category.

How to change a reservation?

We invite you to send an email to the inn of your choice or call to change your reservation.

How to cancel a reservation ?

We recommend you to call the inn where you made the reservation in order to cancel it.


Is the reservation mandatory ?

Yes it is, so as to enable us to offer the best possible service.

What are the deadlines for booking ?

It depends on how full the inn is but we advice you always to book as soon as possible.

Can I choose my room?

You can specify when you are making the reservation online in the "Comments" tabs if you want a particular room. We will do our best to accommodate your request but do not guarantee the availability of the room depending on how full the inn is.

How can I pay?

Our inns accept almost all credit cards, for more information, we recommend you to call the establishment.


How can I view the Alain Ducasse Editions?

We invite you to go to The Books category The Books to discover all our ranges.

I would like to buy a book, how can I do?

We invite you to go to the Alain Ducasse Shop in order to see all the books.


How are cookery courses organized?

On your arrival, a breakfast or a cold drink will be offered. Then you will go through to the kitchen where you will taste your dishes as you prepare them as if you were in a real professional kitchen! For the day-long cookery course lunch will be provided.

How are the wine tasting courses organized?

Whatever the theme, the tasting always includes five wines, with a welcoming wine
so participants and the course leader can get to know each other. The following two hours will be filled with question-and-answer sessions, tips and tricks: what is the correct temperature? Should wine be decanted or not? What wine for which dish?

What are the courses schedule?

- For the cooking and pâtisserie courses :

Morning : 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Afernoon : 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Evening : 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm

- For the "wee one" courses :

Wednesday : 10.00 am – 12.00 am / 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

- For our wine courses :

Thursday : 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm


Do all lessons include theory?

There is no theory section as such but rather tips and hints distilled throughout the course. The course material that you will receive contains all the theoretical points -  recipes and techniques - needed in the context of the session. At each step of the recipe, we will discuss the corresponding theoretical points in an informal and relaxed way.

What is a gift voucher?

A gift voucher is a personalized card with no "face value", which lets the receiver know to which formula of cookery classes or wine tasting it relates. Each gift voucher has a barcode and an start date valid for one year, which allows the receiver to sign up online for the course chosen. The gift voucher is sent by post within five days.

I was offered a voucher, how can I use it?

It couldn't be easier! To use the gift voucher we invite you to visit the website www.ecolecuisine-alainducasse.com and choose the lesson of your choice in relation to the formula on your gift voucher.
When it comes to payment, enter the barcode (20 numbers) with the date written on the gift voucher. If there is another formula you are interested in, when it comes to payment enter the number and the date written on the gift voucher. If the lesson  is more expensive than the value of the gift voucher, you can pay the difference by credit card. The gift voucher value will be automatically deducted from the amount of your shopping bag.

Can I change my gift voucher?

The gift voucher may, under special circumstances, be exchanged for another formula. A supplement will be requested if necessary. No reimbursement will be made otherwise.


I want to organize a private event, who should I contact? 

It couldn't be easier to arrange a private event in one of our establishments!
Simply complete the online form in the category "Business Offers", our commercial
team will contact you within 24 hours with a proposal for special customized event within your budget!


What are the different training centers of Alain Ducasse Entreprise?

There are the Centre de Formation d'Alain Ducasse and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie.

I want to do an internship or a specific training course. How can I register or to learn of the availability of places at Alain Ducasse training centers?

Two establishments are at your disposal and you can access to their websites through the category Training and Consulting. The Centre de Formation d’Alain Ducasse and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie.


I am a professional in the catering field and wish to take advantage of the culinary consulting service. How can I do so?

Visit us by clicking on this link : http://www.formationconseil-alainducasse.com


Can my Jules Verne gift voucher be delivered out of the European zone?

You have two solutions :
- Please contact us in the section «  contact & infos pratiques » and tell us the country of delivery, we will give you a price.
- Please indicate as delivery address the hotel where you are staying, and we will send it to you directly . Make sure you booked your hotel before telling us the delivery address.


What is the delivery deadline ?

It is between 4-6 days in France and 6-8 days within Europe.


My order has still not arrived although the deadline has passed, what can I do?

Contact us by filling a form in the section «  contact & infos pratiques »,. We will send you a number to track your order.


Could I cancel my order ?

You have seven full days from the reception of your product to exercise your right to return it without incurring any penalties other than the return postage.

However products must be returned complete and in their original state so they can be resold.


I applied for a job offer, when do I get an answer?

Our recruiting department receives applications at this address : talents@alain-ducasse.com. Our recruiting department receives applications at this address: : talents@alain-ducasse.com. If you send your resume to this address, you will receive an automatic email informing you that your CV has been included in our database. If after three weeks you have not be contacted again your application has been unsuccessful. However your CV will remain in our database. If you are contacted within three weeks of submitting your CV, our managers will want to meet you.

I need a job but I have no qualifications in the restauration domain. How can I apply?

You can submit your application by clicking on this link : http://job.alain-ducasse.com

Is there a list of offers that I could consult?

Yes, you can view by clicking on the following link : http://job.alain-ducasse.com