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Best Of Paul Bocuse

Collection Best of

Best of –the collection that shows you how to cook like a great chef! tackle the great chefs signature dishes and learn their techniques through illustrated step-by-step explanations.

Accomplish Paul Bocuses’s ten finest recipes: truffle Soup * Macaroni Gratin * Poached Eggs à la Beaujolaise * chicken Fricassee with Morels * duck & Foie Gras Pie with roannaise Sauce * classic Blanquette of Veal * Leg of Lamb en croûte with Spring Vegetables * Sea-bass in a Pastry crust, choron Sauce * red Mullet with Potato Scales * tarte tatin.

Available in Complex Chinese © TK Publishing.


Product details

Publisher :
Alain Ducasse Edition
Author :
Paul Bocuse
Photographer :
Hervé Amiard
Language :
Complex Chinese
Best Of Paul Bocuse
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Best Of Paul Bocuse