Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia

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Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia

Grand Livre de Cuisine Collection

A professional encyclopaedia

Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia is the latest title in the professional encyclopaedia collection,Grand Livre de Cuisine. The work brings to get her the chef’ssavoir-faire acquired over forty years behind the stove. It reveals the secrets of Joël robuchon’s cuisine for professionals and culinary enthusiasts every where and demons- trates the chef 's love of fine produce and his desire to share the wealth of his experience.

This beautiful work of culinary art forms a veritable bible of haute cuisine based on the two guiding principles of thein ternationally acclaimed master- chef: excellence & tradition.

The secrets of the trade: the Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia instructs readers how to improve and perfect their culinary techniques through a series of exceptional recipes. divided into four sections – starters, fish and shellfish, meat and vegetables, and deserts – the work brings to get her more than a hundred detailed recipes with step -by-step illustrations unveiling the mysteries of the great chef’s work in total clarity.

The recipes are presented from a technical perspective and complemented by glossaries and the matic indexes,as well as by videos,which help illustrate research and implementation in a professional environment. there is also advice about ingre- dients, finishing touches and presentation.

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Joël robuchon: “Here is a selection of my most emblematic recipes, gathered together in one single comprehensive cookery book. It is both a recipe book and a teach- yourself manual, enabling you to brush up your culinary techniques and make progress.there is also precious advice about the recipe stages to follow, ingredients, finishing touches and serving.”


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Alain Ducasse Edition
Author :
Joël Robuchon
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Hervé Amiard
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German, Italian
Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia
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Joël Robuchon's Culinary Encyclopedia