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DUCASSE EDUCATION, is all the rigorous, creative and enthusiastic spirit of the great French chef consumed by his passion for food and eager to transmit his knowledge to other professionals and to make his unique experience available to all those involved in the business who like him aim for excellence.



The training was originally developed by Alain Ducasse as part of the training for chefs in his own establishments. Now DUCASSE EDUCATION offers courses to kitchens other than Alain Ducasse's, to restaurant-related businesses such as patisserie and waiting, and to professional profiles beyond that of working chefs.

DUCASSE EDUCATION offers continuous professional training in patisserie and cooking, offering courses leading to a first qualification as well as to conversion programs.

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A strong addition to training,  the guidance activity responds to a growing
demand from professionals seeking expert advice and a new approach to every day strategies and problems. Such guidance can enable them to enrich and strengthen their activity such as the creation or renovation of a restaurant,. It can answer specific queries relating to specific subjects such as vacuum-packed products and creative research.

Whatever your problem, our expert teams will take an in-depth look and find the solution that suits your needs, and offer you practical and complete guidance to bring your project to term.

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